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A story of a goddess


Meet lasonya

Owner of KMT Solution Services LLC

Entrepreneur, Writer, Spiritual Advisor and Healer

AAT in Accounting of Applied Technology

BFA in Visual Communications

Certified as a Holistic Practitioner of Reflexologist From The Integrated Healing Arts located in New York City.

Just because something is difficult it doesn't mean that it's not what God has planned for us. When we hit roadblocks it's not always a sign that we are headed down the wrong path. It is so easy to start thinking like this when things don't go our way.

We must have faith.


Nothing is impossible with God. If your journey isn’t exactly what you imagined, or you're feeling doubt,  give it to God. Trust that a little faith will allow you to move mountains. We can have faith that there is joy in the journey and a plan for our lives. Sometimes the uphill battles might be the only way to get to the end. But you will come out stronger, more faithful, more passionate, more trusting on the other side.

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