All Great Achievements Require Sacrifice

All Great Achievements Require Sacrifice

We must understand that in order to achieve a goal for future generations, sacrifices must be made as a whole. This is something that our oppressor understanding fully and uses this understanding to maintain power. For example for any animal to survive, it must kill to live. Yet, we as African Americans are unwilling to kill or sacrifice for long-term achievement or goals for the next generation. We continuously go to the feet of our oppressors, asking them to kill for us to survive.

"We have truly lost our warrior spirit. If you're not willing to sacrifice, you’ll get what you deserve."

Without discipline, there is no warrior, and we as a corrective have lost the discipline to work together despite the opposition from white supremacy—the discipline of loving each other despite our difference in perspective or opinions. Along with providing support to each other for ourselves so that we can grow as a nation.

On a spiritual level, something must be sacrificed, whether it's letting go of bad habits, letting go of bad relationships, distancing yourself from family or friends, and choosing to heal and know thyself through the self-discipline of mastering the mind. These actions can be seen as being negative by others, but it's a sacrifice nonetheless for the greater good of self-preservation.

For far too long, we have always been told to stand on the side of righteousness and not take any strong action within the past 50 to 100 years for the true liberation of our people to have and build our own nation. Standing in the same spot not moving is equivalent to a person that doesn’t move in the form of exercise; it leads to disease, and if not corrected, it leads to death. Only being positive is an incorrect balance; without utilizing the force of negative energy for survival, we will die as a whole. This must be corrected by understanding when it is time to use these forces in the way that is in order with the laws of the universe so that we can survive as a people. By no means am I saying to hurt anyone physically, but we continue to do the same thing for over the past 100 years with very little movement.

We as people of ADOS have a disease of the mind where we have been conditioned only to see what the oppressor has bred us to think, feel and understand by the programming of the subconscious mind. I was no different until I was led by Spirit and The Ancestors to seek out knowledge for my own personal growth and future generation that will follow in my bloodline.

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