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Loving Binding Spells

Love binding shows that you are controlling, have INSECURITIES, trust issues, co-dependency, manipulative, low self-esteem and don’t know how to control your emotions of fear of abandonment. It also holds the person from having free will and being what God created.

What happens is that you end up bonding yourself to a relationship that is not healthy. A

good relationship doesn’t require or need a love binding spell or any type of #rituals. Only the pure energy to work together in ones in what the divine has created for the relationship which is pure love. If you are seeking to do these type of spells that is a clear sign that you are not in a healthy, loving reciprocal relationship. It also shows that work needs to be done on oneself to heal from any unresolved issues from previous relationship. I can’t say what happens in the spiritual world but it can bring about serious consequences to your overall well being and mental wellness.

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