Pineapple Brown Sugar Bar


Exfoliation and hydration are the front of the line in this bar, with the gorgeous result of glowing skin as the end product! Brown sugar will gently exfoliate dead skin cells from the outer skin and allow the carefully blended oils to more deeply hydrate the skin, leaving you with a soft, shiny glow! 


Sunflower seed oil and castor oil join forces here to bring added anti-aging benefits to this natural skincare bar. The castor oil goes a step further to add antibacterial properties too, preventing pores from becoming clogged with bacteria which can lead to breakouts. 


The gentle scent of pineapple calls back refreshing summer scenes and allows you to de-stress and unwind while you exfoliate and hydrate! 


Entirely free from all parabens and chemical ingredients, The Pineapple Brown Sugar Bar by The Goddess Key is the natural skincare solution to all your rough skin worries!


Meet your key to healthy, glowing skin!

Pineapple Brown Sugar Bar

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