Rose Quartz Sea Salt Bath


Disappear into a healing dream with The Goddess Key Rose Quartz Sea Salt Bath. Allow the rose petals and scent to wrap you up in luxury while the salt blend detoxifies both the physical toxins and the mental stress from your body. Magnesium will gently soak into your skin undoing the tension of the day and allowing your entire body to truly relax on a deeply cellular level. 


Entirely free from all parabens and chemical ingredients, The Rose Quartz Sea Salt Bath by The Goddess Key is the natural skincare solution your skin has been longing for.

In this blend of nature’s finest detoxifying, replenishing, and healing ingredients, you have found your key to cleansing and recovering naturally.


Fine, Medium & Coarse Pink Himalayan Salt, Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Baking Soda, Rose Petals, & Light Fragrance Oil.

Rose Quartz Love Bath Salt


    The Goddess Key



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